South Korean Instructor Training in China Again Grandmaster Park Jong Soo will Conduct Seminar in China Videos of International Friendship Tournament 2007 International Seminar was highly successful Mr. Shuojing Song and Mr. Guangsong Li in Japan 2006 International Course was a great success 2006 CHINA ITF Seminar in XI’AN was Successful 2005 International Course was great success China ITF Taekwon-Do Championships was great success China ITF Reaped a Rich Harvest in 2004 More News...... China International Taekwon-Do Federation The voice of Taekwon-Do Pursuing the Do (or Dao) makes you invincible Taekwon-Do, a martial art, a philosophy, and a way of life The name Tae Kwon Do comes from Chinese characters which are pronounced “Tai Quan Dao”. Do is the Korean pronunciation of Chinese character Dao, which literally means way, road, or route. The founder of Tae Kwon Do, General Choi Hong Hi, said that the Do is a way of benevolence and rightness paved by sages in ancient times, such as Confucius, Laozi (Lao-tzu), and so on. The purpose of learning Tae Kwon Do is to pursue the Dao, the way of life to lead a carefree and moral life and build a strong body through regular and scientific training. Regarding Dao, I would like to talk about the thought of Laozi since he was the senior of Confucius, and Laozi specifically wrote about the Dao in Dao De Jing which means The Book of the Dao (Way) and De (Virtue). Laozi encourages people to approach the Dao continue...... The Members of China ITF Videos 2007 International Friendship Tournament Tournament performance1 Tournament performance 2 Sparing 1 Sparing 2 Sparing 3 Sparing 4 Pattern 1 Pattern 2 Pattern 3 Special Techniques & Power Breaking Championships broadcast in CCTV Streaming or Download China ITF in CCTV Martial arts Program Streaming or Download Demonstration1 Streaming or Download Demonstration2 Streaming or Download Demonstration3 Streaming or Download Demonstration4 Streaming or Download Demonstration5 Streaming or Download Demonstration6 Streaming or Download Male Sparring1 Streaming or Download Male Sparring2 Streaming or Download Male Sparring3 Streaming or Download Male Sparring4 Streaming or Download Male Sparring5 Streaming or Download Male Sparring6 Streaming or Download Female Sparring Streaming or Download Female Group Pattern Streaming or Download Children Group Pattern Streaming or Download Male Individual Pattern Streaming or Download Male Group Pattern Streaming or Download Copyright ©1999-2008 China ITF All Rights Reserved.